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Welcome, and thanks for your interest --

I am inviting you to join a study group on A Course in Miracles, starting the first of the year.

We will meet each Monday on Zoom at 12:00 eastern/11:00 central/10:00 mountain/9:00 pacific.  The link will be provided. Our approach is a structured weekly study of the text in bite-sized pieces in order to explore the author's brilliant originality.

We will be using the version published by The Circle of Atonement, known as the CE (complete edition), which is explained on their website.  There is also a free CE App which you would find helpful.  I suggest you visit their website for an extensive list of resources including workshops, a library of topics, podcasts, and opportunities for in-depth learning. To sign in to what the Circle has to offer, visit

For an overview of the Course watch "A Course in Miracles in 60 Minutes"

If you plan to join our study group, viewing this video is particularly encouraged.

The Course introduces itself through "An Introduction to A Course in Miracles".
This is basic foundational information highly recommended.


In addition, also weekly, join a Zoom webinar on course application, themes, and insights at 11:00 eastern/10:00 central/9:00 mountain/8:00 pacific, currently active each Thursday at this link. This is a valuable series of teaching webinars, and it is also free.

Please be in touch for questions, additional course information and handouts, and to receive update and link notifications, using the Contact Form at this site.

If you know of someone who might be interested, please share this invitation with them as well, and thank you.

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