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A directory of Study Groups in A Course in Miracles

includes a listing of over 50 groups lead by those who have completed the Circle of Atonement’s Certified Study Group Leader Training. With groups meeting in-person and via zoom from all around the world (including the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia and Japan) you’re sure to find a time-zone that works for you.

All groups will be using the version published by The Circle of Atonement, known as the CE (complete and annotated edition), which is explained on their website and available there or through Amazon.  There is also a free CE App which you would find helpful.  Visit their website for an extensive list of resources including workshops, a library of topics, podcasts, and opportunities for in-depth learning. To sign in to what the Circle has to offer, visit

For an overview of the Course watch "A Course in Miracles in 60 Minutes". 

If you know of someone who might be interested,

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